Q: Why do you charge to remove listings?

A: We utilize pubilc arrest data for historical and real-time crime statistical analysis for government, non-government and public agencies. We offer these services for free for those who request data. Given we are a for-profit-organization, we allow offenders to pay to have their data removed from our database, this allows us to continue data analysis operations.

Q: What you are doing is illegal and it’s extortion!

A: Everything we publish is public data and is available to anyone who dives deep enought to get it. We obfuscate address and other personal identifying data to protect the offenders saftey. We do not have access to social security numbers, drivers license numbers, and other personal identifying information. We also, for free remove anyones case that has been dismissed, expunged or sealed as required by law in many states.

Q: Is my credit card safe?

A: We use Authorize.net as our credit processor and gateway, we never ever store your credit card information. We have no access to your personal information nor your credit card information. All this is stored by www.authorize.net

A: My case was dropped/dismissed and/or sealed? Will you remove it for free?

A: Yes, please go to arrestlistings.com/removal_request and fill out the subsequent information to be removed for free.

Q: If I have multiple charges, will I be charged to remove each one?

A: No, if you were charged with multiple charges on the same docket number, it’s one charge to remove all charges.

Q: If I am arrested and/or charged again in the future, will I be added back to ArrestListingd.com?

A: Yes, you will be relisted.

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