How to Increase a Personal Injury Settlement

Many people end up at the mercy of insurances companies when fighting for their claims in personal injury cases. Besides hiring a personal injury lawyer, there are a lot of things that happen. One of the key things to consider is how you can obtain the highest possible settlement. The actions you take after the accident have a significant impact on how you will recover financially. Here are some of the things you need to consider to raise the amount of personal injury claim.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible

Get in touch with any of the law firms that have personal injury lawyers immediately after the accident. An attorney will help you the most in the aftermath of an accident. He will take care of important things such as collecting evidence, identifying witnesses, documenting the accident and communicating with the insurance company. You can also take actions on your own if you feel the case might be compromised with every minute that passes. However, it is better to call an attorney as fast as possible. The longer you wait, the less an attorney can help, especially with ICBC claims.

Begin treatment immediately

Delaying medical treatment gives the insurance company to argue that you are not that badly injured. You must understand that insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. When you delay treatment, these arguments can become difficult to counter in court. As a result, you need to seek medical attention as fast as possible and keep the receipts. Do not wait for the hospital to bring an ambulance or a doctor to schedule an appointment for you. Take yourself to the ER immediately.

Call your insurance company

Insurance companies such as ICBC encourage clients to report a car accident immediately it occurs. This will give them an ample time to carry out their own investigations and determine whether the claim is valid. Failing to contact the insurance company will reduce the rate of the settlement. Many insurance companies in Canada expect you to report any accident within seven days of the occurrence.

Be honest

You need to be honest with the lawyer and the police. Failing to give the lawyer accurate information can be counterproductive in court. For instance, the lawyer might not be able to answer questions from the defendant’s counsel if he does not know all the information about the accident. In addition, the jury often uses the credibility of the plaintiff as a key determining factor in a personal injury claim.

Be patient

A personal injury case takes time. For instance, you need to undergo treatment and heal. You are also required to make arrangements with the insurance company and the lawyer to negotiate a local settlement. Whether you are negotiating ICBC settlements or any other insurance provider, you must be patient to win the case in court or locally. Preszler Law Firm will always look out for you and your well being, no matter how long the case may be.

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