Stopped for Speeding? Here’s What to Do

According to statistics, more than 41,000,000 speeding tickets were given out in the United States in 2014, with more than 25% of them being issued in complete error. However, only 5% of these tickets were actually challenged in court. While there are many reasons why you may have gotten a ticket in the first place, being prepared from the start can help you if you decide to fight the ticket in court.

Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

It is crucial to know what to do when you get stopped and are sure you will be receiving a speeding ticket. It is important to remember the details of what happens and document it at the time of the incident, as this will help you later in court. For example, keep in mind the weather conditions at the time of the event, if there are signs on the road, the traffic flow and any other pertinent details.

When you are being pulled over, make sure to comply with all laws of the roadway. Turn your emergency flashers on and pull over to the right. If you can, wait until you can safely pull into a parking lot or off of an exit. Slow down to make sure the police officer understands you are complying with the law.

After You are Stopped

Remember to always keep your hands in plain sight when you are pulled over. Do not reach into your glove box or under your seat. Roll down your driver’s side window and turn on your interior light. Wait until the officer approaches you to retrieve your registration and license from the glove box so that they know exactly what you are doing.

Most officers will ask you why they stopped you. You do not have to answer this-simply reply politely that you are unsure of the reason. You do not want to admit to anything that can be used against you later. When they tell you it was for speeding, you can ask what type of device they used to clock your speed. Some officers use police radar guns that work by transmitting radio signals, while others may use a VASCAR, which is a timing device. You will also want to take note of the officer’s name and badge number who stopped you.

What Happens Next?

You won’t get anywhere by arguing with the officer, even if you know you were not speeding. If they issue you a speeding ticket, you will have your chance to fight it in court. Make sure you have the facts of the incident written down as precisely as you can remember them to ensure the best chance of winning in front of the judge.

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